Sofia Monreal is a Spanish actress and singer. When she was 17 she moved to Madrid and swapped her dance and Flamenco studies for Performing Arts. Shortly after she began work with Zampanó Classical Theatre Co. and took classes with Arnold Tarraborelli. When she was just 21 she played Titania in Dream of a Summer Night by William Shakespeare, directed by Amaya Curieses and Jose Maya in Madrid and toured other Spanish cities.

In 1994 she attended the Cristina Rota ‘s school Drammar School. In 1996 she joined group products Lola Cabaret  Cabaret with which she performed for several years in Madrid’s venue Escueto. In 1999, she faced a new challenge when the choreographer and dancer John O ` Brien chose her to perform in the musical “Magix”; then she began learning singing from Ines Rivadeneira.

While she studied Drama & Theatre Studies in Centre of Technology. Departament of Culture.

In May 2000 she premiered the play “Tu Come Bollos” (You Eat Scones), written by Fernando Travesí and Juan Sin Miedo, with her own theater company Bollería Fina (Fine Pastries). She worked along with her collaborators, actresses Melani Olivares, Ruth Lewin and Inma Isla. It was directed by George Bosch. In 2002 she premiered the play Broken Illusions (which won the “Calderon de la Barca” award), written by Fernando Travesí and directed by Alfonso Lara, which was very well received by the audiences. In 2004 she moves to Barcelona where she continues training as an actress. She studied a Degree in Theatre Studies in University of Barcelona, this time in Catalan. She took part in movies like “Amor en Defensa Propia” (Love in self-defense) and “La Mujer del Anarquista” (The Anarcist’s Woman) with Maria Valverde and Juan Diego Botto. She also began singing professionally. In 2005 she sang backing vocals to the album “Somos Nubes Blancas” (We Are White Clouds) by the successful band Los Elefantes whit whom she toured Spain several months. The following year she formed the band Naranja Toscano releasing an album in 2008 called “Porón sin Peros” touring the country again with a band of great musicians.

Sofia has worked in most popular Spanish television series such as “Farmacia de guardia”, “Periodistas”, “Policías”, “Los Serrano”, “Hospital Central”, “El secreto de Puente viejo”, etc… Although perhaps her biggest TV success came in 2007 when she incarnated Puri in the series “Yo Soy Bea”. She worked alongside highly regarded professionals learning and working at a frenetic pace for two years. In 2010 after the death of her mother she decided to start a professional hiatus and retires to Málaga where she carried on with her development attending seminars with Andres Lima , Julio Fraga (among others) as well as a seminar on Shakespeare with Will Keen . In 2011 she was called to work in the famous drama “Arrayán” for TV channel Canal Sur in which she incarnates Sara; she worked with Mary Garralón , Alberto Iglesias and Rebecca Tébar. Meanwhile she also performed in a children’s play with production company Eigavisión touring Andalusia for most of that year.

A year later, in December of 2012 she moved to London to perfect her English and further her training as an actress incorporating that language. She formed her own UK based Jazz/Flamenco project “Medsouls” performing throughout the country. She currently lives in London and Musical Theatre at The Institute of Contemporay Music Performance (ICMP) in Kilburn, colaborate with The Spanish Theatre Company and will sing in Soho Theatre with a new project “Women in Action” 17th January of 2016.

Actually she is living between London and Madrid.


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